Not really a blog

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So, what is not a blog?

Actually, it is a blog, of sorts. I thought about calling it something like, 'Incoherent Ramblings' or 'What Insanity Can I Come up with today?' But I didn't think that for one the titles were that 'catchy' and B, that's not quite what this Not a Blog/Blog is about.

Categories aren't used much on this site, but this page does indeed have one, you'll never guess what it's called?

Oh, you did... smart As... yes the Category is 'NotABlog/Blog and the tag is #IncoherentRamblings. Ha, caught you out there!

I won't be posting in here often, maybe once a month. I will not doubt add the content to the newsletters. This not a blog will contain random things that I have found and think worthy of not being blogged.

Be it a fact, something humorous, serious, you never know I may well even post some Science Fiction stuff. But if you want that you can always follow the Pinterest, Path or Tumblr accounts. 

Even Instagram...

Not A Blog/Blog
Not A Blog/Blog

Up above is what I think all blogs should look like, no not evil and fill of witchcraft! Hand written and random, images of what Author had in his/her mind at the time. But this is the 21st Century and if it was written like that there is very little chance you would ever get to see it. 

So a big yay for the internet.

As to the first post in this Not A Blog... So