It’s All about Panda…


Welcome to the adventures and worlds of Panda Johnson and friends.

Do you like Marmite? Yes I know it's an odd question to find on the front page of a science fiction book site, but consider this, you either like it or loath it. Much can be said for many things, it's a personal taste. So, like the world famous yeast based spread you will no doubt either love it, or not. 

I for one, am a massive Marmite fan.

Science Fiction is for Geeks? Sometimes, but it a full and rich genre with so many branches it makes a North American Redwood look like a sapling... There is a small and well represented niche of comedy Science Fiction  and Fantasy writers. The late great, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett spring immediately to the fore, Tom Holt, Harry Harrison, Robert Rankin, and Spider Robinson. And the emergence of great talents such as Gail Carriger and Pip Ballantine you would think there was little room for anyone else.

Yet here I am, and here is the first book. The Monuments of Panda Johnson, over seventy characters in the first book, there is adventure, time travel, aliens so varied and diverse it will make your mind spin. Is it politically correct? I doubt it. 

Will it make you laugh, abso-skelping-lutely.

And if it doesn't? Maybe best you don't buy the second book. 


So here it is, the first book in what is planned as an immense series, an initial three book run with a further nine having working titles and basic plots. Science Fiction and Fantasy is about to get serious but in the funniest of ways.

Think outside the box? Try reinventing it.

I believe that fans and readers need variation and interesting things to show that the Author listens and understands them. I used to buy and sell comic books and with that in mind decided to bring the concept of 'variant' covers into the book world. It's not intended to for you to buy a copy of each cover, but it does afford you the choice. 

Choice of one cover over another, choice to buy as many as you want.

At present the book has a eight variants, and another in production. All remaining variants will be fully available soon.