Genevieve The Dark Queen


Interview with Genevieve The Dark Queen, taken from Book One,

The Monuments of Panda Johnson.

Subject: Interview by April F Parka with:

Lord Overworn – Declined

Subject: Interview by April F Parka with:

Genevieve – Declined

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All Interviews Conducted at the Seven Stars, Grand Vacation Resort & Hotel, Cornwall, UK. by

April F Parka

the following is an exert taken from The Monuments of Panda Johnson

Lord Overworn was evil on a scale that most could not imagine, but compared to Genevieve, he was like a marshmallow filled teddy bear.

He had learnt fast that his new bride and Queen were several new levels of hell unbound above him, and if he could admit it to someone, he would say she made him a little nervous.

Scuttling around Lord Overworn, Genevieve moved in closer, “Of course my dear, or else you'd be dead.” She grinned, the full extent of her expanding mouth on show, then leant in and licked the side of his face, her long forked tongue coating his face with a mild greeny-white saliva.

“But insult me like that again and I'll have your intestines for breakfast.” She hissed planting a large kiss upon his cheek. At this point Lord Overworn wasn't sure if he was more scared or turned on.

He bowed to his wife, “I am, as I said to you last night, most genuinely sorry my Queen.”

So eager had Lord Overworn been to wed Genevieve that he had married her the same day as Burty had taken his unexpected flying lesson. Burty was rarely ever mentioned of again.

Genevieve's family were a little upset that they did not get an invite to the Royal Wedding, but were also relieved knowing what a diva she could be.

Three months had now passed since that fateful day. And in those few months Genevieve had brought about many changes. So many new laws that Lord Overworn had lost count, though all of them had passed through Government without question.

There were dozens of new Taxes levying an even greater burden on an already poor populous. Genevieve and Lord Overworn revelled in their wealth whilst their people wallowed in filth.

The only way to have any form of decent existence was to sign up for the Army, and that Army was now immense, sixteen million Troopers and counting.

But still Genevieve was not satisfied. 

She looked Lord Overworn hard in the eye, “You want to rule the universe?” A rather unpleasant smile occupied the corner of her mouth.

Lord Overworn wanted nothing more than to roll his eyes at her and say, “Well duh!” but all he could manage was a feeble, “You know this my Queen, we seek it both.”

Genevieve cackled loudly, this time throwing her head right back “Oh L-O,” she chuckled.

Much to Lord Overworn's annoyance and disgust Genevieve had given him a new pet name, “Ugh,” he muttered every time she uttered the skelping word.

“Where has the 'yes Lord Overworn', 'anything you say Lord Overworn', 'may I garrote myself now for your simple pleasure Lord Overworn?' just no skelping respect.”

Genevieve wanted to take Lord Overworn's throne permanently, she wandered over to him trailing her long fingers over his shoulders, “I have decided to come to an arrangement with you...”

She withdrew her fingers from his shoulders spinning around dramatically, the long black and red corseted flowing dress she wore made a subtle rippling noise through the air.

“A little over dramatic as ever,” sighed Lord Overworn, but that always seemed to be the way with Genevieve. 

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